100% of riders have been told to go forward, the question is, are you asking your horse to go forward correctly? In our very first instructional video with Olympian Allison Brock she talks about the finer points of riding your horse forward and the effective use of the leg aid in riding dressage. So, go watch the video and find out if you are in fact using your leg correctly when you are riding your horse!

One thought on “Allison Brock: What Part of Your Leg is the Driving Aid?

  1. Javier
    I just love horses been an equestrian rider my entire life. I rode hunters at first then took lessons from Lendon Grey. Dressage!/It was like ballet in sinct with my horse )
    Barcelona is a magnificent place. When living in Paris. I flew to meet up with my then Javier Banon. He is married now living in London… Perhaps you know him ?/
    Darlene Gaudas
    NYC,/ Los Angeles

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