Horse Morning Routine

Did you ever wonder how horse’s start their day?  For some of us, we’re very familiar with getting up early to feed and care for our horses.  For others that horse morning routine is a complete mystery.  For this horse and rider, it’s just an average morning for this horse and rider.

Bolt’s Morning Routine

Melon Rednecker starts out the video from her horse Bolt’s point of view.  Hay and grain are a great way for a horse to start their morning. Definitely the best way to start the morning is with a morning cookie.

Horse Grooming

Bolt describes getting ready for his day with a good grooming and getting his feet picked.  Typical grooming tools for horse care consist of a curry comb and stiff and soft brushes used to flick dirt off and smooth down the hair.  A curry comb generally massages up the dirt and helps lift dead hair from the coat.  Some horses love being curried. Others are a little more sensitive and dislike the hard rubbing of the rubber nubs on a curry comb.  It’s always up to you to figure out what will work best for your horse.  Some people also go over the horse with a soft towel or rag to wipe the last of the dust off their horses.

Melon’s last task was to use a hoof pick to clean her horse’s feet.  The hoof pick scraped out old manure, mud and dirt stuck in the V shaped grooves of the horse’s frog.  A horse’s foot is an essential part of their physiology.  Horses spend all day standing on their feet.  Preventing thrush is important.  Thrush can cause lameness and can damage a horse’s foot.

Morning Exercise

Some people will turn their horses out in a field for the day.  It’s a great way to help a horse get moving.  In the wild, horses spend their day grazing and moving which helps keep them healthy.

There are some places where this is not always possible.  In those situations, a horseman may take the horse out for a morning workout or a morning hand walk.  It’s a great morning exercise for horse and rider.


Establishing a Daily Routine for Your Horse

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